Top 3 travel destinations for fall

While some of us have not yet gone on summer vacation, others are already planning their fall getaway. And what’s right, well done, that’s already the end of July. But we will not complain that time passes far too fast and, more seriously, more serious, blink a few times and we trezem the moment we remove the thick clothes from the cupboard. Instead, we will discuss in the ranks below about holiday destinations for fall 2018.

Top 3 travel destinations for fall

Morocco – it is a very accessible destination from all points of view, and the experience you will have in Morocco will be unforgettable. Besides, temperatures in September, October and November are ideal. You can visit Chefchaouen (Blue City) or Casablanca, a famous city, among others, for the mosque of Hassan II. As well you can visit Marrakech and you can let go of the wave in the old part of town, where the imposing buildings prevail and Palm trees, as well as in the old part of town, you can lose yourself in the souk (the famous Moroccan market). If you go to Marrakech, you must eat in Jamaa el-Fna, visit the impressive garden of Majorelle and see where Yves Saint Laurent lived, as well as at Mamounia, a 5-star hotel that will impress you. If you prefer a traditional city, opt for Fez. Of course we can’t talk about a vacation in Morocco without mentioning a few days spent in the Sahara desert. So, a short trip to Merzouga is compulsory. As you well see, in Morocco you can visit a lot of places, and a few days vacation is far too short for a country that has so much to offer.

Cuba – in the last two years, Cuba has become an increasingly popular destination among those passionate about travel, and the reasons are enough. What will you find in Cuba? Miles of white and fine sand beaches, music at any step, cheerful and very friendly people, impressive Athitectura, beautiful cars (you sure saw them in the movies, didn’t you?) and last but not least, if you are a smoker, in Cuba you will smoke the best Cigars.

Lisbon – after walking on other continents, it is time to return to the beautiful Europe. If the above implies a longer period, to visit Lisbon, it is enough to purchase a city break. Two or three days are enough to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and to enjoy the warmth of the locals, they are famous for their hospitality. If you choose to go to a city break in Lisbon, one of the things you have to pass on the must do list is a ride with the famous trams

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