Tips for keeping a clean house and ensuring well-being

A dirty, messy house doesn’t just look bad, but is also a health hazard. Furthermore, lacking a clean and orderly space adds burden and stress to your daily activities. Here are some tips for keeping a clean house, which will spare you the hard work and headaches.

The secret resides in cleaning regularly. Spend between 10 minutes and an hour a day housekeeping and you will permanently enjoy a neat home.

Tips for keeping a clean house. Make a list

Before starting cleaning, make a list with all the chores. Tick as you finish each of them. This way, you will not forget any of your tasks and you will be motivated as you go. Work in one room at a time. Start with the ones you use the most.

Always take off your shoes

Get used to taking off your shoes at the entrance, because that’s how a lot of dirt ends up in your house. It’s mandatory to place a rug at the entrance.

Vacuum and dust each 2-3 days

A small sized vacuum-cleaner is ideal to use every 2-3 days in every room. Do the dusting before.

tips for keeping a clean house 1

Tips for keeping a clean house. Make the bed and do the dishes

Make your bed every morning right after you get up. It takes so little and it’s so practical. Put the worn clothes in the laundry basket right away, don’t leave them lying around. Clean your desk before you start working. The things scattered around gather dust.

Clean the table, do the dishes and wash the sink after every meal.

tips for keeping a clean house 2

Keep your things in order in the bathroom, use disinfectants and wash the sink, toilet vase and bathtub after you use them.

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