The Tiny House Village – a Miniature Settlement

Driven by the constant desire of freedom and emboldened by the challenge of a totally new life style, people are starting to build homes into the woods, in the trees, all having one thing in common: they are tiny. The movement picks up pace day by day, with more and more people in the cities seeking the refuge inside the small wooden dwellings on their way to the spiritual fulfillment.

One American couple, a husband and wife, gave up the corporate lifestyle, purchased land on the outskirts of a small town in Central Minnesota and are in the process of opening a tiny house village. It’s a vision Bill and Brenda Campbell hope will inspire others to live a simpler way of life. The idea came up as more and more Americans are drawn to this new life style.

“It’s definitely a growing movement. I see it picking up more and more each year,” Anne Reiter, one of the first to respond to the Campbells’ project, said as quoted by Fox 21. She already built the first tiny house in the village to be. Built entirely from reclaimed wood, Anne’s house sits on merely 240 square feet and cost 9,000 USD.

The house doesn’t have plumbing in it yet because of dealing with heating purposes during the winter, explained Reiter. However, the home does have electricity, the bare essentials and a priceless view. “Having openness, and emptiness and not all these material possessions that we have year after year you pick up more and more things,” she added, summing up the philosophy driving the tiny house followers. “Having a tiny home is a novel and great idea to have smaller finances, yard work, housework and financial commitment and all of that,” Reiter further said.

Others houses are to be built on Campbells’ property who have already started creating sites for tiny homes on their acreage. The husband and wife duo’s goal is a sustainable village bringing together people from different walks of life, to live debt free. The couple envisions some houses on foundations, other on wheels where people would be able to bring their own tiny house or rent one.

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