The Rustic Attic – A Different Parisian Home Design

Homes in Paris are often associated with their Bohemian, savory and energetic feel. But in Ivry-sur-Seine, a suburb area of the French capital, an architect wanted to leave this pattern behind and renovated an attic apartment, after many years of neglect, lending the space a rustic air. The revitalized apartment now proudly showcases a white and gray sheen where a single, neutral hue aims to reduce delineation of space visually even as contrasting textures provide the necessary contrast.

The architect went for a modest design and a smart planning, but took advantage of the generous natural light in order to open the low attic. Exposed wooden beams, brick wall sections, polished concrete and wooden floors and a hint of glossy modern glint ensure that there is no sense of monotony here. Lack of traditional partitions and a long corridor that leads one directly from the living area to the bedroom add to this sense of unhindered space, a description on reads.

The rustic attic

The rustic attic – a flowing space

mansarda rustica the rustic attic 3

A small bathroom with a corner shower space and custom vanity, minimal bedroom and an ergonomic, space-savvy kitchen and dining area complete this Parisian apartment that relies on a flood of natural light and greenery to freshen up the atmosphere indoors. Access into the bathroom is done through a metallic door on casters while modern lighting fixtures are the only ones opposing their contemporary design to the simplicity of the décor. The exposed beams are present in any of the rooms, adding to the authentic rustic feel of the whole space.

The rustic attic

The rustic attic – various textures across the space

mansarda rustica the rustic attic 5

In order to create a warm and cocooning place, walls and sub-slopes are clothed in white and light gold grey. According to the path of the sun, the choice of textures (brick, gloss, matt and satin paint, polished concrete, leather and suede) creates a dynamic play of shadows and lighting throughout the day, and strengthens the feeling of space, highlighting the sculptural structure.

The rustic attic

The rustic attic – a bedroom with a raised sleeping platform

The rustic attic

The rustic attic – a transparent bathroom with both classic and modern features

mansarda rustica the rustic attic 8

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