The Modern Ranch – Rustic and Contemporary Under the Same Roof

Hidden behind the hills along the Chileno Valley in California, this modern house is the perfect picture of a design blending contemporary lines with traditional and rustic shapes. Seen from the distance, the place resembles a barn and it is only as you draw near that you realize it is all an optical illusion and that, behind that generous glazed wall lies a modern abode, and not any type of it, but one which integrates in the surrounding landscape in all aspects possible.

Because, as points out, the lineup of eco-friendly features at this Californian ranch is not limited to sustainable farming and ranching practices, as the house itself is LEED-Platinum-certified and comes with an array of features like photovoltaic panels that offer clean energy and geothermal, radiant heating that cuts back on energy consumption. With passive heating and cooling techniques incorporated into its design and top-notch insulation, every attempt has been made to keep the carbon footprint of the ranch minimal – the ultimate goal for those seeking to live in full harmony with the surrounding nature.


The modern ranch in America

The modern ranch – the interior and the exterior coming together in many ways

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The design was conceived to literally connect the interiors with the natural landscape outside. The living opens behind large glass covered areas, the only physical element dividing the elegant interior and the lush environment outside. Besides the opulent glazed spaces, sliding doors and a series of gardens are designed to ensure a smooth transit between the two areas. Inside, the designers sought to strike a perfect balance between the traditional ranch-style living and modern aesthetics by means of a neutral color scheme and contemporary décor elements that go hand in hand with the rustic lines of the building.

The interior presents itself as an open space, in which the areas dedicated to day activities come first. The living opens up all the way to the ceiling, with a smaller area on the first floor, flanked by bedrooms. A staircase discreetly connects the two spaces, transparent as if not willing to disturb the space continuity inside. The whole space is bathing in natural light coming in through the large glazed spaces in the front and the back while the partially white painted wood walls have their contribution to enhancing this endless space inside.


The modern ranch in America

The modern ranch – plenty of natural light in a simple, yet elegant decor

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