The Lego house – the modern home built in just 1-2 weeks

It is probably hard to imagine building a house without the need for power tools and heavy machinery which are not accessible to anyone either. Well, a French company broke the ice and came up with a lego style house which can be assembled in just a few weeks by using, architects point out, a screwdriver only. It may be hard to fancy that, let alone believe it, but the PopUp House is becoming a popular choice among those seeking a swiftly raised house, economical and eco-friendly as well.

The house is made from treated lumber, insulation blocks and wood screws. Some houses, depending on the customer’s taste, come in concrete block which make a fine setting in a Mediterranean like arid environment. To be able to move into one of these homes, you need to lay a foundation which can be ready in 6 weeks, according to the PopUp House manufacturing company. Then comes assembling the house which could take at most 2 weeks. Finally, the last stage is the fitout which lasts between 1 and 3 months. Once the frame is done, it will be personalized with the finishes you want. You can do it by yourself, or entrust in a professional. This final phase includes electricity, plumbing and HVAC installation, and all the interior and exterior finishes.

The Lego house in France

The Lego house – a 130 square meter house built in Provence, featuring modern interiors

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According to the building system manufacturer’s website, the supply of the materials constituting the structure (EPS, wood, screws) costs between 250€ and 300€ per square meter of floor area (price before tax). The company also provides a detailed study of your project to validate its structure. It is charged 1500€.

The expert who will work on your PopUp House will buy the structural materials and complete them to build a complete house. He will provide you an accurate quotation, including our materials. For a turnkey house in France, the price is generally included between 1,100€ and 1,700€ per square meter of floor area. The foundations, heating and cooling system, carpentry, and finishes panels impact the total cost. (prices for metropolitan France, before tax)

The Lego house in France

The Lego house – concrete block version, perfectly fitting an arid environment

casa lego the lego house

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