The House On The Corner – Contemporary Paris

Building in Paris can be a lifetime’s challenge. And that for one single reason: available plot of lands in the French capital are so few these days. This is why, when Helene and Laurent ran into a plot for sale in the eastern reaches of the city, they wasted no time and jumped at the chance.

“Opportunities to build in Paris are so rare. There’s hardly any land available,” Laurent told the British daily The Guardian which reported about the modern house on the corner. Over four years, a three story modern building rose on the narrow plot of land, combining the latest trends in contemporary architecture with solutions answering the needs of a young family. Their home stands out among the shared apartment blocks and small workers’ cottages typical of the area. The building’s three stories are made from concrete and metal with large glass panes that fill each interior space with natural light.

First of all, the two owners take great pride in their new home being an eco-friendly place. There are solar panels on the roof, a “living wall” of plants outside and an efficient double-flow ventilation system that recuperates heat that would otherwise be lost. Rainwater is collected and recycled to provide clean water to the kitchen and bathroom. The house is just the prototype for the houses of the future, the two point out.

The house on the corner in Paris

The house on the corner – vertical modern living style

The house on the corner in Paris

The house on the corner – interiors bathed in light

The minimalist style house is also permeated by cutting-edge technology: the blinds open or close depending on the amount of light outside, and the sail-like parasol on top of the house closes by itself if a sensor detects that the wind speed is too high. There are screens and audio systems built into the walls, including one in the bathroom, while lights going on and off automatically.

Helene and Laurent are proud of their choice. They say all their friends coming over are just speechless once they get inside since the house on the corner bears no resemblance to the classic Parisian architecture. “When friends come over, they’re surprised. Lots of them say they don’t even feel like they’re in Paris,” the two argue. But up on the roof, parties unravel in the purest Parisian style.

The house on the corner in Paris

The house on the corner – the kitchen

The house on the corner in Paris

The house on the corner – rooftop terrace

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