The Green Apartment – Nature and Contemporary Design

Nature remains a constant desire of those living at the heart of the big cities, among walls of cement and concrete. And if you can’t get to nature, then nature comes to you. This seems to be the philosophy that a group of architects relied on when designing an apartment in the Italian capital Rome. All the efforts were centered upon insertions of greenery which is found in every room, a true invasion of nature in a contemporary space.

Right at the entrance, he who comes in is immediately inebriated by the scent of aromatic plants coming from the kitchen. This pleasant olfactory note introduces to the wide open space characterized by the entrance hall, the lounge and kitchen areas, divided by a luminous sliding door in glass, designers with Brain Factory say in their presentation. The living room is distinguished by chromated niches that serve as bookcase. The central pillar is designed to contain rows of grass and perimeter light plays that exalt spectacularly the monolithic form. To complete the interior are shelving and cabinets set flush with the wall, in an intent of minimalism and contemporary clean lines.


The green apartment in Rome

The green apartment – kitchen bathing in light

Apartamentul verde din Roma

The kitchen is the place par excellence for the pleasure of the senses: under the window, in fact, in a gesture of material continuity with the flooring, it is created the garden of scents. There are handy basil, chili and spices useful in the kitchen, the walls are adorned with vinyl adhesive prints and the ceiling is decorated with wooden beams pickled white accentuated with led bright, all designed to increase the feeling of being in a winter garden. Seen from the door, the ceiling appears to be radiating light all across the room.


The green apartment in Rome

The green apartment – a minimalist living

apartamentul verde the green apartment 6
The bathroom keeps the same chromatic alignment. Here, too, nature has set its foot with small green corners well-placed so to complete the state of relaxation. Just by the bathtub, a small grass carpet completes this relaxing experiencing as you set the foot on the soft surface after a hot shower.

The green apartment in Rome

The green apartment – nature at your feet

apartamentul verde the green apartment 5

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