The Geodesic Dome in Connecticut – Call of Earth

When the home decor magazine House Beautiful decided to make a top of the most interesting tiny houses in each American state, it set its eyes on the geodesic dome in Connecticut. The tiny home features a very unusual design and sits only on 165 square feet, quickly becoming the main point of attraction for tourists visiting an organic farm in the state.

Built near the town of Bethlehem, this tiny-house is listed as an “Earth house” and is a perfect choice for Eco-conscious tourists. As a matter of fact, building it on a property which also houses an organic farm, where visitors are also encouraged to work, not only taste organic food, sought to give them a truly unique experience at the heart of nature, starting from food all the way to resting. The one-bedroom house available for $49 a night or $250 a week was “built from wood growing 10 feet away.”

The dome lies just 65 feet away from a guest house which guests will need since there is no bathroom or kitchen in the dome which can only sleep people. Since there’s no heat or electricity either, staying in the dome overnight “s like camping,” according to the host.

The geodesic dome in Connecticut

The geodesic dome – simple, but challenging interior

The owner of the farm, Robert, says the idea to build the tiny place struck him after seeing more and more people interested in ecology, organic food and renewable energy. With experience in green building industry, Robert decided to raise the dome in order to give tourists an experience as diverse as possible.

Guests say the night spent in the geodesic dome in unforgettable. “The dome is bigger than it appears from the outside and has a comfortable bed. It has windows in the roof so we could look at the stars”, says a tourist on Airnbnb, a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging. It has over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries. Other tourists recount how they managed to light the small space despite having no electricity – they hung flashlights in various corners of the dome for an artificial, but original romantic atmosphere.


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