The Floating Homes of Dubai – Luxury Redefined

Dubai is worldwide known for its megalomaniac projects which keep showing up – sky-scrappers hotels, some of them on sea, artificial islands, indoor ski lanes and miracle gardens in the middle of the desert. But this time, our eye has been caught by this truly unique projects: floating homes with underwater rooms.

The project was launched at an international boat show held in the Arab emirate. Designers say that these floating homes, originally named “floating seahorses”, are actually contemporary house looking marine yachts, boasting underwater rooms with stunning views. More specifically, the master bedroom and the bathroom lie totally submerged, delivering amazing pictures of the surrounding reef and ocean life, according to

The floating homes of Dubai

The floating homes – the underwater bedroom

The project takes the world luxury industry to a whole new level, its creators say. Intelligently designed, engineered and developed in Dubai, the unique concept will be limited to just 42 units which will be all completed by 2016. 35 units have already been sold, the local media says. The floating properties, which are boats without propulsion, were designed and engineered to be part of “The World,” Dubai’s large artificial island project.

The floating homes of Dubai

The floating homes – view from the master bedroom

Each of these floating homes will boast three levels, one underwater, one at sea level and an upper deck. As we already said, the master bedroom and bathroom will be totally submerged underwater and will command breathtaking views of the marine life. The sea level accommodation will boast floor to ceiling windows, uninterrupted sea views, a fully-fitted kitchen with a dining area, an open plan living area and a sun deck. This area can also be converted into a bedroom at night as it offers sleeping facilities.

The floating homes of Dubai

The floating homes – Jacuzzi on the deck

The upper deck is the perfect place for alfresco dining and relaxation and features an external shower, an informal bed, a mini bar, a kitchenette and a beautiful glass-bottomed Jacuzzi.

But there did the „floating seahorse” name come from? The owner of the real estate agency selling these boats says seahorse is an endangered species and the project will create an artificial coral reef beneath the luxury retreats which will be a protected area in which seahorses can safely live and breed.

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