The Floating Home – Sailing to Adventure

When the spirit of adventure drives you, there is nothing standing in the way. The appetite materializes into trips into the heart of nature, where we take refuge to find ourselves, far away from the hustle of the big cities. But what about looking for those inspiring places aboard a floating house? It is possible and a Portuguese architecture firm is proving it with a floating romantic getaway for two which can be used as a guiding reference for those seeking to break the patterns.

First of all, we are looking at a floating house. Secondly, it is a house which generates its own energy. And, if it weren’t enough, we are talking about a modular floating house, that means it neatly packs up into two standard shipping containers and can be shipped to almost anywhere in the world. And, finally, the interior is just as flexible so you can make it a studio or a three-bedroom house for an entire family, according to


The floating home in Portugal

The floating home – generous inside

casa plutitoare the floating house 5
Suggestively called Floatwing, the floating getaway was designed by the Portuguese firm Friday and is both the ideal home base for people who love water activities (swimming, fishing) or just find it supremely relaxing.  The eco-friendly Floatwing boasts a small environmental footprint and can produce its whole annual energy needs over six months.

Floatwing comes in four different models for, each providing different levels of autonomy depending on the type of installed equipment. The best-outfitted Floatwing is for off-grid applications and relies on solar energy, a wastewater treatment plant with advanced tertiary treatment, a mini supply water treatment plant, and stored fuel to achieve self-sufficiency enough for a year long period of autonomy.

The floating home features two levels, a long deck and an upper deck which also serves as a terrace. The glass-clad daylit living area is lined with wood and includes a fully equipped kitchen, heat pump, AC generator, barbecue on the upper terrace, a wine cellar, and zero to three bedrooms depending on the model selected. The windows can be opened in the summer for natural ventilation, while a pellet stove keeps the space warm and toasty in winter.


The floating home at home

The floating home – wood and glass in a harmonious combination

casa plutitoare the floating house 4

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