The Fireman Pole Apartment – An Incendiary Design

We have to admit this is a first in our thorough search for unparalleled contemporary design ideas. An apartment spreading on two floors connected by an interior staircase and…a fireman pole. Just like the one you see in the movies that firemen use to slide down to get to their emergency vehicles when on a mission. It’s not solely a very good idea drawing more attention than any other interior design element, but also a fun quirk which helps one lose some of the stress, according to

The two-story apartment is in a block in the German capital Berlin. The modern place bathes in waves of natural light and a ubiquitous white color, broken up here and there by various patterns and floral ornaments. On the upper floor, a skylight catches all the curios eyes thanks to its unusual design. If you want to reach the lower floor, then you have two choices: you either go down a spiraling staircase, which is as challenging since it has no railing, but s simple rope to cling to, or the fireman pole.


The fireman pole apartment in Berlin

The fireman pole apartment – sliding or spiraling down

apartamentul pompierilor The fireman pole apartment

As you go down the spiraling stairs, a wooden floor with fantastic chevron-shaped planks in assorted colors starts spreading across the floor in the hallway then into some of the other rooms. The designers say they styled the pattern of the floor after the wild wine plant growing on an outside wall. The interesting pattern follows up the spiral staircase treads as well. The whole apartment flows like that, with design elements leading into each other, complimenting and accenting the individual areas.

In the kitchen, over which lies the superb skylight, in the bathroom and the outdoor terrace, many potted plants bring a bit of energy into the vast apartment, breaking up the vast expansion of whitewashed walls. In the dining room, the flowers hang from a large pendant light which appears to play a merely decorative role two steps away from the natural light crater in the ceiling.

The fireman pole apartment in Berlin

The fireman pole apartment – the original skylight

The fireman pole apartment in Berlin

The fireman pole apartment – green pockets breaking up the white

apartamentul pompierilor The fireman pole apartment 8

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