The Best Oils for the Skin. For the Best Care on Your Sunny Vacation

We all know we shouldn’t be out without sunscreen those days, but we should also help our skin face this stress in better conditions by really nurturing it. Natural oils are very efficient in doing just that. They have all the nutritious substances in cosmetic products minus all the additives. Here are the best oils for the skin.

Coconut oil

It’s very hydrating for the complexion and body, but it should be used in small quantities. Don’t count on it as sunscreen, so just apply it in the evening. It’s also good for cooking, as it works on the inside just as well as on the outside, as antibacterial, antiviruses and antifungal. People with curly hair can use it to shape up and highlight their curls. But it should only be applied on wet hair, as soon as you’ve washed it and are still under the shower.

The best oils for the skin. Almond

Sweet almond oil has a strong regenerating effect and it efficiently fights skin burn. You can use it to take off your make up, on all your face, including the lips to prevent their drying.

Avocado oil

Calms down and heals irritated and burnt skin, even baby skin irritated from diapers. Plus it increases skin collagen production, preventing wrinkles. It’s great for sensitive skin around the eyes. It can also be used for nurturing the scalp and stimulating hair growth.

The best oils for the skin. Cactus seeds

Considered an antioxidant ten times more powerful than the more popular argan oil, cactus seeds oil is extremely rare and precious and has incredible results in skin regenerating and revitalising. It’s actually called “natural botox” and it’s a truly miraculous oil with a high concentration of vitamin E, as well as unsaturated fatty acids. It works great on revitalising hair and nails too.

Grape seed oil

Considered a true beauty potion, grape seed oil is widely used in the cosmetics industry. Also used in the kitchen, especially in salads, for its vitamin E content, it deeply hydrates the skin and has anti-aging effects. It’s recommended on fatty/ mixed complexion, as it’s astringent, helps clean and close pores and works as a remedy to acne.


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