The Angular House – Playing With Modern Design

When you want to stand out, it is easy and all you have to do is dare more than the others. In architecture, too, going beyond the limits singles you out in the crowd while also turning you into a source of inspiration. This is exactly what the customer of an architecture firm in Los Angeles was after when ordering a house featuring distinct design lines so to make it visually stand out. Built in a modern design, the house features exquisite geometric shapes and angular lines throughout the space, both inside and out. Apart from lines and shapes, color also matters, says

Located in West Hollywood, the house is easily to spot. Contrasting hues of charcoal finishes and smoky orange tones are seen on the facade making it a unique home in the area. As a matter of fact, starting with the driveway and outdoor decks and patios, everything perfectly integrates in this unitary chromatic landscape. Wood insertions and large glazed walls come to add extra personality, like the houses needed more of this.

The angular house in Hollywood

The angular house – elevated from the ground

casa unghiulara the angular house 3

As seen in the pictures, the house is elevated from the ground and appears leveled to the fence when viewed on this angle. This is a good idea, just to prepare for floods. On the sides, the house boasts visual accents, such as a swimming pool which has a fountain too and green tiles for the flooring and a wooden deck and plants around. Aside from the entrance, there is the waterfall on the side that has glass fencing around it.

casa unghiulara the angular house 4

Just as the façade, the interior uses predominately charcoal finishes, as well as small accents of smoky orange, regardless of the room, exuding elegance and sophistication. Walls are also displaying geometric designs and rebel lines imparting dynamism all around. The glass railings of the staircase leading upstairs, also combining wood and steel, come to attenuate this colorful play.

In the spacious living, which also engulfs the dining and the kitchen, some old oak barrels turned into chairs are nice sculptural additions to the interior of the home and appear to be rustic oases in this immensity of contemporary design. In the kitchen, the pendant lights follow the same bold design exhibited outside, with the same shapes and colors.

The angular house in Hollywood

The angular house – sophisticated interiors

casa unghiulara the angular house 6 casa unghiulara the angular house 7 casa unghiulara the angular house 8

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