6 Surprising Uses For Garlic

You may think that slaying vampire is one of them. But kidding apart now, after we’ve seen the potential of an onion in a household, other than its primary role as food ingredient, we will now take a close look at some of the surprising uses for garlic so you have a broad range of solutions within reach when in need.

The first use is as pesticide in your gardens. Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons liquid soap in 1 quart water.  Combine ingredients in a bucket, mix, then transfer to a spray bottle as needed. Then add 1 to 2 heads garlic, chopped, in enough boiling water to cover. Put garlic in the bottom of a mason jar and cover with boiling water. Put lid on and allow to sit overnight, then strain and add garlic-water to the soap spray. This will decay, so be sure to freeze leftovers until ready to use again.

In the same context, make a DIY surface cleaner. Chop up a 3-4 cloves of garlic, and toss them in a spray bottle filled with white vinegar. Add a couple drops of lemon oil and voila—you have yourself a DIY disinfectant spray.

Garlic could end your hair loss problems because of its high levels of allicin, a sulfur compound similar to that found in onions, which were found to effectively treat hair loss. Rub sliced cloves of garlic on your scalp, squeezing as you go for the most benefit. You can also infuse oil with garlic and massage it into your scalp.

Have you ever noticed how sticky your fingers get after chopping garlic? That natural adhesive quality is why some people use garlic to fix hairline cracks in glass. Crush some cloves and rub the juice on the crack, wiping away any excess.

On the same note, use garlic as a natural glue. You can use garlic in place of glue for other things, such as paper crafts.

Scientists aren’t sure why, but mosquitoes don’t seem to like garlic. One study in India found that people who rubbed a garlicky concoction on their arms and legs weren’t bothered by the pesky buggers. Make a solution of garlic oil, petroleum jelly, and beeswax for a natural repellant or place cloves of garlic nearby.

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