Surprising Things You Can Grill For Everyday or a Special Barbecue

If you want to throw a special barbecue party for friends or just make a nice, healthy meal for your family, you should know that there’s more you can grill than meat, fish and the usual vegetables. You can prepare lots of appetizers, mains and even delicious desserts using your grill. Here are 10 surprising things you can grill.

French cheese

surprising things you can grill

Warm a thick-rinded cheese (such as Camembert) over the fire until it’s lusciously oozy and smoky. It will make a great spread on some grilled bread you have at hand.

Surprising things you can grill. Pizza

surprising things you can grill

Grilled pizza is ready in a flash. Just make or buy the dough, cut it into thin rounds, brush rosemary-and-garlic-infused olive oil over it to keep it from sticking, then char it for just one or two minutes before scattering on your favorite toppings.

Shrimp and bacon

surprising things you can grill

Throw shrimp, thick rashers of bacon and some lemon slices on your grill and you’ve got absolute appetizer bliss.

Surprising things you can grill. Potatoes

surprising things you can grill

Cutting potatoes into long planks makes grilling them a breeze. Just toss them in olive oil and salt and let the grill do the rest.

Carrots and ginger

surprising things you can grill

Try this dish once and you’ll wonder why you ever ate your carrots any other way. Fire brings out the vegetable’s intense sweetness and adds an irresistible kiss of smoke and char.

Surprising things you can grill. Beets

surprising things you can grill

Beets become sweet and tender when they’re wrapped in foil and set on the grill for 45 minutes. Combine thinly sliced cucumber with sour cream and fresh dill, then spoon the mixture over the cooked beets just before serving.


surprising things you can grill

Season and grill cauliflower the same way you would a steak to take the humble cruciferous vegetable into prime steak territory.

Surprising things you can grill. Lettuce

surprising things you can grill

Quickly searing romaine on a hot grill results in crispy, charred edges that transform salad from sad to sizzling.

Peaches with butter and cinnamon

surprising things you can grill

You can enjoy peaches on the grill too. This recipe just takes a few minutes to make and tastes awesome with a big scoop of ice cream on the side.

Surprising things you can grill. Pineapple

surprising things you can grill

It’s time to bring the tropics to your backyard. Simply slice a pineapple into rounds and grill until brown-about three minutes per side. You can brush the fruit in a honey-citrus marinade before throwing on the grill if you care to. Serve with coconut sorbet.


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