Small Wood Homes – Affordable And Healthy Options

Wood is by far the most accessible construction material. Found in abundance, wood is a material that has multiple processing possibilities. Ever since ancient times, it has been used almost in its raw state, but awareness of its capabilities developed along the evolution of man and history. Currently, wood is the primary material used in most of the construction environment. Aesthetic looking, having bearing properties, its warmth and naturalness have always been appreciated and exploited. Here are three such small wood homes that appeal thanks to their natural look.

The first house sits on just 36 square meters, with a 6X6 size, that can be a terrify holiday retreat. The walls are 45 mm thick, with a double slot and feather joint. You also have the option of a double wall: 45 mm for the exterior wall + 100 mm for the thermal insulation + 45 mm internal wall. The construction kit features all the wood pieces manufactured in the factory, along doors, window panes and the technical plan, all costing 4,100 Euros. The final price, which includes assembly and transport, rises to 5,600 Euros.

Small wood homes

Small wood homes – ideal holiday retreat

case mici din lemn Small wood homes 2

The second plan shows a roomier two story house, spreading on a little more than 100 square meters. The ground floor is entirely dedicated to the living areas, all coming in a single open space, spilling into an outdoor patio. The attic features enough space to host two large bedrooms, one of them opening into a superb balcony supported by columns. The estimated price given by the builder ranges between 320 and 340 per built square meter.

Small wood homes

Small wood homes – captivating architecture

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Finally, the last plan we selected describes a single story house sitting on 80 square meters. The space is practically divided into a living connected to a patio, a kitchen which also includes the dining and two bedrooms sharing a bathroom, enough space for a young family just starting out. The construction kits cost between 13,000 and 14,600 Euros, with the assembly works not included in this price.

Small wood homes

Small wood homes – enough space for a young family

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