3 Small Houses Under 100 Square Meters

Elegance and comfort, in all the ways they can manifest, can be easily found in small spaces as well. On a single or two stories, small houses are the best answer, first of all, to all those financial calculations we all make at a certain point in these situations. With lower costs, including maintenance, these homes perfectly mold to the young generation’s needs, which is currently more interested in experiences than assets. Here are three small houses under 100 square meters, on a single or two levels. The plans come via Casemexi.ro.

The first example is a single story house, sitting on a living area of 72 square meters. The house features a traditional architecture, with a hipped roof, but sporting modern facades, with corner-placed windows and brick decorations. A spacious patio outside is accessible from the living room whose fire place makes the transit to the dining and kitchen. Two bedrooms, as many bathrooms and a technical room complete the single level of this house that sells for about 35,000 Euros, if you opt for a metallic framing.

case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-1 case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-2 case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-3 case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-4

The second example is a two story house, ground floor and attic, spreading on a living area of 96 square meters. The house features the same classic design, with a gabled roof, but catching the eyes thanks to a chic and elegant air. A patio opens behind the house, directly accessible from the living area which comprises the three usual rooms, with a bathroom and a technical rooms completing this level. Upstairs, the attic is home to two bedrooms sharing a bathroom and a dressing. The price stands around 45,000 Euros.

case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-5 case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-6 case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-7 case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-8 case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-9

Finally, the third example is a house sitting on 74 square meters, but displaying an original architecture, marked by a triangular bay window next to the outdoor relaxing area. Many wooden elements, such as window shutters, give the house a warm and welcoming air. Half of the house is reserved for the sleeping quarters, at the back, while the other half is dedicated to the living spaces. The estimated price of this house rises to 36,000 Euros, if a metallic framing is the chosen building technique.

case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-10 case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-11 case-mici-sub-100-de-metri-patrati-small-houses-under-100-square-meters-12

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