Shoe Planters – Superb Ideas To Enliven Outdoor Spaces

This is probably the last thought crossing our mind when we decide to dispose of an old pair of shoes, the one they could actually be used to decorate a space. Many would smile only when contemplating such an idea of an ornament made from a worn out pair of shoes, let alone try it. Well, some people’s experience, like in many other situations shown here, comes to contradict us with solid and tangible arguments. So here are some fine decorations made from shoes, most of them shoe planters fit for outdoor spaces, but which can make a fine presence inside, too, wherever you want to bring an original note.

In most of the cases, you can use the old shoes as an excellent material for unique garden decorations that add fun and whimsical design to your deck or porch design, front yard or backyard ideas, especially in spring. Your kids will love these original creations and you will somehow manage to make them a bit more responsible if you entrust them with taking care of these fine flower pots. Elegant shoes, boots and even sneakers can very easily turn into decorations full of taste which you can display on terraces and balconies. These are efficient ideas which you don’t have to pay a dime for, while bringing you in the end the satisfaction of a handmade thing and, why not, a small effort to protect the planet by recycling wisely.

Shoe planters for outside

Shoe planters – charming decorations and planters alike

decoratiuni din pantofi shoe planters 4 decoratiuni din pantofi shoe planters 5 decoratiuni din pantofi shoe planters 6 decoratiuni din pantofi shoe planters 7 decoratiuni din pantofi shoe planters

decoratiuni din pantofi shoe planters 2

Use different colors to breathe life into these spaces we mentioned. Add small accessories to embellish the old shoes and ingeniously complete the landscape, especially for the kids’ pleasure. You can place these “green” decorations wherever you think they can bring extra aesthetics, including by hanging them on walls, doors etc. Decide if you want to leave the shoe lace for decoration. You can use shoe lace for making a loop for hanging the shoe on the wall or fence.

Shoe planters outside

Shoe planters – any of these types of shoes will live up to the mission to beautify your outdoors

Add straws to these original planters for an enhanced visual effect. A boot can even accommodate two such planters, for extra beauty. We will let the attached images speak for themselves about the potential of some things whose practical role we deemed to be over.

Shoe planters outside

Shoe planters – boots can accommodate more plants and flowers

decoratiuni din pantofi shoe planters 10


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