Scandinavian Kitchens: Ideas & Inspiration

An apartment can be arranged in many ways: from boho style or vintage to Scandinavian style, minimalist or shabby chic, these are just a few examples. For those who want a bright house, where the open colors and natural materials prevail, we have prepared in the ranks below 25 kitchens decorated in Scandinavian style. So, continue reading to learn how set up a Buctarie in Scandinavian style and what are the basic rules you must respect:

Scandinavian Kitchens: Ideas & Inspiration

The Scandinavian style refers, in short, to a bright, intimate, simple, yet multifunctional space. Thus, it reflects the needs of houses in Norway, Sweden and Finland, not very spacious, but modern and always full of people-family and friends.

Materials: By far, materials that prevail are natural and recyclable (wood, textiles, etc.), and furniture pieces are practical and multifunctional. They have simple, geometric shapes and are spacious, without being massive, being easily integrated even in a small kitchen;
Chromatic: As far as the chromatic palette is concerned, white is the basic color of this interior design style-most often white in contrast to black, a classic combination, as elegant, as simple. There are no missing color spots, small accessories or decorative objects in bright, cheerful colors that attract attention-pastel colors or metallic colors;
Design: Last but not least, the design is a modern and intimate, very friendly with the needs of relaxation and comfort of man. It is youthful, fresh through the modularity and multifunctional solutions, and is inspired by the atmosphere of a complete family, focusing on newlyweds and couples with many children. The furnished kitchens are not loaded with cumbersome parts, but loose and practical. Chairs and tables are usually white, for example. To emphasize efficiency, they will occupy less room, especially in small apartments.

Scandinavian Kitchens: Ideas & Inspiration




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