Romanian Table Grape Cultivars. Three Colorful Varieties

Grapes can offer very different flavors depending on the cultivar, so, if you like grapes, you will want to try as many varieties as you can. Here are some very appreciated Romanian table grape cultivars to try for desert and even plant the vine in your backyard.

The most appreciated Romanian grape cultivar is Victoria, which is also produced in countries like Itlay, Greece, Turkey, Spain, South Africa, China and Australia. This cultivar was obtained at the Vine and Wine Research Center in Dragasani (south of Romania) by crossing the cultivars Cardinal and Afuz Ali. It has very large, crunchy berries, a high resistance to transportation and can be preserved fora long time.

This cultivar grows well on fertile, well drained soils, which can be usually found downhill. It takes well to the frost (temperatures down to minus 18 and minus 20 degrees Celsius), the drought and also the spring rime and frosts.

Romanian table grape cultivars. Black and pink

A very good looking Romanian cultivar is Transilvania, with its medium-size, black-purple berries. It was obtained by crossing the Blackrose and Cardina cultivars. Its vigor is average though, and it has a low resistance to the frost and disease.

Finally, the most productive local table grape cultivar is the Romanian Pink (Roz Romanesc). Its clusters are medium to large, filled with large, round berries, of pink-reddish color. The peel is not too thick and comes off easily from the pulp which is yellow-greenish, juicy, and has a balanced sweet-sour taste.


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