Romanian Eggplant Cultivars That Perform Well in Your Vegetable Garden

From native India, eggplant cultures have spread extensively, the fruit being used in a variety of dishes. In Romanian cuisine, they include: eggplant salad, zacusca, moussaka, vegetable stew etc. Here are some Romanian eggplant cultivars of good quality and highly productive. 

If you want to grow eggplants in your vegetable garden, you should know from the very beginning that they need a lot of water and it’s best to have irrigation. They also grow well in greenhouses or in the fields. They tolerate high temperatures, up to 104 degrees, but cannot stand the cold. They die at temperatures below 38 degrees.

The most common Romanian eggplant cultivar is Luiza, followed closely by Dragaica.

Romanian eggplant cultivars. Luiza

This cultivar offers a lot of benefits to producers, as well as amateur gardeners. Its productivity is high, at 40 – 50 tonnes/hectare, one plant producing up to 10 fruit. You have to make sure it has enough light and heat, as the seeds need 70 – 80 degrees to germinate.

It’s a mid-early cultivar, with very dark violet fruit, oval alonged, weighing 9 – 10 oz. Their pulp is white and tasty.

Romanian eggplant cultivars. Dragaica

This cultivar is frequent in the fields, as well as greenhouses. It has a good resistance to diseases and pests. Productions of 51 t/ha were obtained in trials.

It’s an early cultivar, with dark violet fruit, very shiny, weighing about 100 oz. The pulp is white-yellowish, fine textured and tasty.

Romanian eggplant cultivars. Zaraza

It’s resistant to specific diseases and performs very well in small gardens. Fruit are cylindrical, 7.5 – 8 inches long, 3 inches in diameter, weighing 16 oz on average. The hearvest can reach 45 – 50 t/ha.

Romanian eggplant cultivars. Belona

A more recently developed cultivar, Belona produces white fruit, very popular nowadays. It performs well in the fields and in greenhouses and it’s resistant to mildew. The fruit are oval alonged, weighing 9 – 10 oz.


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