How to Remove Pet Hair From Around the House and Keep it Clean

One of the most uncomfortable chores of pet owners is to constantly clean up the hair left behind by their furry friends. Indeed more work is required to do a clean-up when you have a cat or dog in the house, but it’s not impossible to keep your home clean, if you know how to remove pet hair with the right products and techniques.

Keeping it off

The best approach is to keep the hair off your rugs and furniture in the first place. For that, you have to tackle falling hair right on the source, your pet’s fur. You may have to brush it daily, every 2 – 3 days or weekly, depending on the type of fur. In shedding periods, you have to brush your pet more often.

Moreover, you can even use the vacuum cleaner on a dog accustomed to it from a young age. You’ll get the dead hair out and give your pet a massage. Just use the small vacuum brush and get to it.

how to remove pet hair

How to Remove Pet Hair. From Carpets

The vacuum cleaner is a must-have for cat and dog owners. Most vacuum cleaners come with hair removal brushes you can use on your carpets.

But some hair is hard to get out from the rug fabric, so you’ll need to use something else to get it out and then vacuum.

Baking soda works wonders when it comes to pet hair and odor removal. Just sprinkle a bit on the rug, let it work for a few minutes and then vacuum. The hair that was stuck deep into the fibres will come right out.

Fabric softener can also works. Blend a small amount with water and put it in a sprayer. Spray it on your rug without getting it too damp, wait for it to dry, then vacuum.

How to Remove Pet Hair. From Furniture

A kitchen sponge, slightly damp, can be efficient in removing the hair on couches, armchairs and even rugs with short fibres.

For your couch and armchairs, you can also use rubber gloves. Wet them and simply pass your hand over the upholstery. You can use hair removal rollers or just some adhesive tape to the same effect.

It’s easier though if you just put some covers on your couch and armchairs, because you can just shake them down and put them in the washing machine, where your fabric softener will work for you.

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