The reason you have to put aluminum foil on the ironing board

Today, we are going to talk about aluminum foil. This is not only useful to make various foods or to replace the baking paper when it is missing, but has many other uses that you would not have thought of. So, read on to find out why you need to put aluminum foil on the ironing board, how this product can help you have a healthy and shiny hair and many other tricks.

Unusual uses for aluminium foil

  • To gently and quickly clean the grease from the grill, you can use aluminum foil;
  • The easiest trick to iron your clothes on both sides is to use aluminum foil. Thus, put aluminum foil on the ironing table and cover it with a piece of fabric. You will see that the iron will glide much easier, and your clothes will look impeccable;
  • A less known trick is that you can use smaller batteries for the remote control, for example. Thus, if you do not have suitable sized batteries, use some smaller ones and put an aluminum foil on one of the terminals;
  • When you move furniture into the house, wrap the feet of furniture in aluminum foil and they will glide more easily on the surface without scratching it;
  • Last but not least, aluminum foil can help you to have a healthy and shiny hair. Before you wash your hair, put a mask on the length of the hair (you can opt for a natural mask, which is based on olive oil, for example or you can buy one from the drugstore). After you have stretched the mask over the length of your hair, divide the hair into several thick strains (10-15) and wrap each of them in aluminum foil. After 30 minutes, rinse the hair with water. You will notice that the mask will penetrate better the hair, thanks to aluminum foil and it will become brighter in time.

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