Quick Built Homes. Economic Models from Ready Made Panels

If you want your own house, but don’t have the time and budget for the whole traditional building process, you can still have it even within a month. Prefabricated panels made from wood chips, with insulation included, are more and more of an option for building comfortable homes with low costs and in a short time. They come ready-made from the factory and are easy to assemble. You can have both a modern and a traditional looking home from these prefabricated materials. Here are three examples of quick built homes from ready made panels, on one or two levels, according to your needs.

The first model we chose is for a house of only 430 square feet, with only one bedroom, which makes it ideal for a young or retired couple. It has a small covered front porch that can be nicely decorated and used for spare time activities when the weather allows it.

quick built homes

It is comfortably structured, having a hallway with the bathroom at the end between the living and dining room with the kitchen and the bedroom.

quick built homes

Quick built homes. Family home

This is the typical small family home, with two bedrooms, on an area of only 530 square feet. It also features a small covered front porch, which can be used by the parents, as well as the children.

quick built homes

There’s a long hallway from the entrance leading to the bedrooms at the back. On one side, there is a spacious lounge, where the table is set, and on the other, a small kitchen and the bathroom. quick built homes

Credits: world-campus.com

Quick built homes. House with attic

Here is a project for a house on two levels, on metal structure, that can be built for 38.000 euros, without the interior finishes. It has an area of 1,356 square feet.

quick built homes

There is a hallway in the middle, separating the generous area of the living and dining room and the kitchen, from the bathroom, utility room and closet. There is an exit on the porch from the living room.

quick built homes

In the attic, there are three large bedrooms, one with a balcony, and a spacious bathroom.

quick built homes

Credits: 6case.ro

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