Putting together a stylish kitchen for yourself. The ABCs

If you want more than a just for cooking kitchen and think of designing it as an elegant and pleasant room, for receiving guests or for relaxing moments, here are some suggestions that will entice you and stimulate your creativity.

Think of your kitchen as a living room whose arrangement is representative for the entire home and for your good taste.

We present you several attractive kitchen furniture sets. Choosing the main set will inspire you for the rest of your choices, and why not, for picking out the color for your kitchen walls.

kitchen set 1


kitchen set 2


kitchen set 3


kitchen set 4

If you are happy with the general design of the room and want to dine there as well, it would be great if you chose comfortable dining chairs.

dining chairs

dining chairs 2

As many diners will take place here, let’s consider the lighting for this room. The lamp is an essential piece, whose vintage, rustic or modern design will crucially contribute to the kitchen’s design.

ceiling light

modern ceiling light

rustic ceiling light

pendant lamp

pendant lamps

You also have to think about the way you want the room to be naturally lit when choosing the curtains. We suggest these nice, vintage ones which will make the room even more pleasant and elegant.

kitchen curtain 1

kitchen curtain 2

To complete your kitchen’s design and bring comfort way down to your feet, choose a small carpet with a nice print in warm colors.

kitchen carpets

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