Why You Should Put a Cotton Ball in Your Trash Can

We continue the series of articles in which we share with you strange, but very useful tricks. Before we talk about the trick we want to present in this article, let’s see what we’ve been discussing in the last few weeks. We’ve seen why we have to put aluminum foil on the ironing board and what we need to do if we want our orchid to bloom often and have flowers in a row for months. We have also presented several projects for the house – from what to do with old suitcases, which you no longer use, to various accessories for the walls of the house. On the same topic, if you have many jewels and do not know how to store them, we have prepared here several DIY projects. 
Today we come back with a strange but useful trick. Read on to find out what happens if you put cotton balls in the trash cand and why it is advisable to do so.

Why You Should Put a Cotton Ball in Your Trash Can

Unpleasant odors that form in the trash can not be avoided, but we can definitely neutralize them. How? If we put cotton balls in the trash can  which we have previously dipped in essential oils.
How does it work? Well, it’s simple: essential oils neutralize unpleasant odors. Moreover, some oils have other benefits. For example, tea tree oil and citrus oil kill the bacteria, while neem oil keeps the cockroaches away from the kitchen. You can also use peppermint oil, lemongrass oil or any other oil you prefer.
Thus, every time you change the trash bag, do not forget to put on the bottom of the can a cotton balls soaked in essential oil and you will notice that they will remove any unpleasant odor.
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