Practical Tips for Gardening in June

June is a busy month for a passionate gardener. First of all, because you sowed seeds or planted seedlings in May and now the crops is starting to shoot out. So June calls for more attention and work at the same time. And since June marks the start of the gardening season, what you do over the course of this month will set the tone for the whole summer long activity in the garden. So here are a few practical tips for gardening in June:

It may be elementary, but routine watering is very important in the garden, says Each and every one of us has the impression plants do not get enough water and that leads to excessive watering which will harm them and create an anaerobic environment. Specialists explain that vegetable plants need 1 inch of water each week, depending on soil consistency (sandy soil doesn’t retain water, for instance), weather and a few other factors. Pay attention to your plants to learn their needs. Anyhow, check the soil humidity first every time you seek to water the plants.

It is equally important to use mulch which regulates the soil temperature, retain water and even protect plants rom diseases and control weeds. You can go for wood chips, sawdust, hay, straws, moss and bark and fertilize the soil using nettle and seaweed compost.

Also note that plants like tomatoes, peppers and pole beans should be staked soon after seedlings have been planted and before they get very tall because they will grow heavy once they start bearing fruit. If you wait too long, the roots and stalks could be damaged when you put the stakes in the ground.

Weed the garden regularly before the whole place is overwhelmed by weeds. At the same time, stay alert for harmful insects which can easily destroy the whole crop in one single season. Use modern insecticides which are normally useful for aphids, spider mites, thrips, whiteflies and mealybugs. You can also ward off birds by using plastic netting and cheesecloth while other wildlife control method include repellents, plant cages and traps.

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