What potatoes to choose depending on the food you want to prepare

Contrary to what is believed, when you give up products of animal origin, you have no fewer options when it comes to the dishes you want to cook. And you can feed yourself properly and you can have all the nutrients the body needs, even if you don’t eat meat, eggs or dairy products. So, whether you’re a vegan or you are fasting, there are many tasty dishes you can enjoy during this period. We talked the other day about some recipes for the egg-free mayonnaise, and today we come back with an article where we are discussing about choosing the right potatoes. No doubt, the recipes that are based on potatoes are healthy and very easy and quickly to prepare. But for the recipe to come out perfectly, you have to choose the right potatoes. So, read on to find out which potatoes to choose depending on the food you want to cook.

What potatoes to choose depending on the food you want to prepare

  • Boeuf Salad– For this preparation, you need potatoes to retain their texture when boiled, so the recommended ones are red peel potatoes;
  • Baked Potato-although you can choose both white potatoes and potatoes with red peel, the most tasty are those in the white bark, if you want to make baked potatoes;
  • Potato stew-As in the case of the boeuf salad, it is advisable to choose the potatoes with red peel as they will not crumble to a boil, as opposed to white ones;
  • Potato Salad (Oriental salad, for example) – again, you want them to keep their texture, so go for the red peel. Also for salads, you can opt for new potatoes;
  • Fries-In the case of french fries, it depends on the result you want to get. If you want them to be fluffy and soft, under the fried crust, choose the potatoes in the white bark. If you want them to be crispy, choose those in the redpeel;
  • Mashed potatoes -if you want to make a mashed potatoes, choose white potatoes because the puree will come out fluffy and soft, as it should. Never opt for red or soft potatoes in this case;


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