Plastic You Can Do Without. Small Changes For a Cleaner Environment

We know plastic is so harmful to the environment and still we continue to use a tone of things made from it, disposing of them mostly after one or only a few uses. We could easily dispose of these habits instead. If we make the responsible choice every time we are faced with it, we’ll see how our waste reduces dramatically right away and in time we’re bound to make a difference. There is a lot of plastic you can do without and easily replace without sacrificing resources or comfort.

Plastic bottles

We buy a lot of mineral water in the summertime and, unfortunately, most of it comes in plastic bottles. There are two or three producers nevertheless who also sell in glass bottles, even returnable. So why not choose these products?

Plastic you can do without. Tea bags

Many disposable tea bags contain plastic. It’s a completely pointless use of plastic when a zero-waste alternative is just as easy. Buy loose-leaf tea in a reusable container and steep it in a metal strainer.

Plastic bags for shopping and the garbage bin

Line your garbage bins with homemade newspaper bags, so that you’re not tempted to accept plastic bags at the grocery store in order to reuse for this purpose. Use newspaper to pick your dog’s waste and toss into the trash. And go shopping with some fabric reusable grocery bags.

Plastic you can do without. Lighters

Buy a refillable metal lighter, instead of getting those plastic ones and throwing them all the time.

CDs and DVDs

It’s true we don’t buy them as much with all the digital content available, but you should really replace them all-together.

Plastic you can do without.

Choose kids’ toys carefully, opting for wood, fabric, paper, and rubber as much as possible. Buy recycled paper coloring books, wooden paintbrushes with natural fibers, pencil crayons and wax crayons instead of markers


Synthetic clothes release vast amounts of plastic microfibres into wash water over the course of their lives, much of which is not filtered out. Opt for natural fabrics made of cotton, linen, hemp, jute, bamboo, and wool.


Buy an aluminum or bamboo toothbrush.

Air freshners

Burn beeswax or other natural candles to scent your home, instead of air fresheners. Just make sure to avoid palm oil in the ingredient list.


Look for products with cardboard packaging or something else other than plastic. When you buy a bottle of wine, choose one with a cork, instead of a synthetic stopper. Cork is 100% recyclable.

And HERE are some other changes you can make easily for cleaner, greener living.


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