Planting a Rose Shrub Step by Step. How to Choose Healthy Plants to Enjoy Their Flowers

A must in every flower garden, roses are very present in shops these days, as it’s a good time for planting them. But how do you choose a healthy shrub and plant it correctly to enjoy its flowers? Here’s what you need to know about planting a rose shrub step by step. 

Rose shrubs can be planted all year long, but autumn and spring are better times than others. You’d best choose a time to avoid the young shrub facing frost when its roots aren’t still well formed.

Planting a rose shrub step by step. Choosing the plant

Rose plants have become really cheap, but they’re not always good quality. When you buy a plant, with its root in sawdust wrapped in plastic, look carefully at the cover to make sure it’s not torn. If there’s the smallest hole, than the root isn’t kept moist properly and the plant may be dead.

A healthy plant is dark green and has no dry spots or broken branches.

Also get information on the variety of the rose you want to buy, whether in blooms just once a year or from spring till late fall, if it requires full sunshine or a shaded area. Be aware of the fact that climbing roses have different needs.

Planting a rose shrub step by step. Tools and material

For planting your chosen shrub you need: a shovel, a bucket of peat, a handful of fertilizer that absorbs gradually, vine scissors, a bucket of water and gloves.

Planting a rose shrub step by step

Follow these steps accordingly, they’re all very important for planting correctly.

Unwrap the shrub and don’t mind about the sawdust scattering, it was only there to keep the roots moist during storage and transportation.

Sinking the roots

planting a rose shrub step by step

Sink the plant into water up to the green and leave it like this for at least a few hours. The longer, the better. The best would be to keep it in water overnight before planting.

Some experts recommend using mud instead of water. You can try both methods: keep the plant in water long enough for the root to be well hydrated, and then in mud.

The next step is to cut the root tips, under half an inch, to stimulate their growth.

Adding peat

In the hole you dug, add the peat with fertilizer. You can find small balls of fertilizer with gradual release in 2- 3 weeks, 3 – 4 months, 5 – 6 months or even a year. You should get one that is released in 3 – 4 or 5 – 6 months.


If you don’t have the money or the time to get all the necessary information on fertilizer, just add black soil with a few handfuls of dried leaves.


planting a rose shrub step by step

The root should be completely buried into the peat and the soil you put back into the hole.

Don’t press the soil too hard as you bury the root, because it should be relatively loose.


After planting the shrub, water it very well, flooding the spot, to ensure a good connection between the root, the peat and the soil above. Young shrubs also need to be watered in dry days, spring or autumn rain not being sufficient for them yet.

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