Planting Grapevine in Springtime. Steps to Follow to a Beautifull Vine in Your Garden

Whether you would like a vine arch or a few rows of plants with wine or table grapes, planting grapevine in springtime correctly is essential to its development through the first years. You can plant grape vine in both autumn and spring, in the latter case as early as possible (March – first part of April) on condition that the soil’s temperature (at 15 – 20 inches) is around 50 degrees.

Also, if you choose to plant in the springtime, you shouldn’t postpone too long, because newly planted vines easily get dehydrated because of latter spring winds.

If you have clay-like soil, moist and cold, you need to check, by digging a test hole, that the water level is bellow planting level.

Planting grapevine in springtime. The soil

Dig up the soil at 15 – 20 in. depth in the autumn.

At the end of winter, mark the spot for each plant with a 30 in. peg, which will serve as support for the plant in the first 3 – 5 years.

You should leave a 50 – 60 in. spacing between the plants and 40 – 50 in. between the rows.

The holes should be dug as you plant or two hours in advance at the most. Place the dug up soil in one bulk on the same side of the hole every time.


Planting grapevine in springtime. The plant

Each plant has to be in good health: not have any wounds or tumors, have 4 – 6 in. healthy roots, white inside, with at least three ramnifications, and a main branch of at least 6 inches.


Trim the roots at 3 – 4 in. and the main branch at 3 – 4 loops.

Prepare the roots by sinking them and a third of the stem into a mixture of cow manure and soil in which you add enough water to obtain a creamy texture.

Planting grapevine in springtime

Add some very well minced soil on the bottom of every hole.

Put the plant in the hole and fix it against the wall near the peg, main branch orientated towards the latter, roots spread and grafting spot at around 1 in. above ground level.

Add some minced, moist soil around 8 in. high, tamp it down, then add 5 – 10 kilos of garden mould in each hole. Water the plant with 5 – 10 litres of water, depending on the soil’s humidity, then fill the hole with soil up to ground level, without tamping.

Form a molehill of minced soil around the stem at the end.


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