Pink And Gray – 6 Bedroom Design Ideas

We usually steer away from using gray in decorating our rooms. Even though it is a neutral soft color, a classy and traditional presence, gray is usually wrongly associated with gloomy spirits and a fall melancholy just as gray as the weather outside. But in combination with pink, gray suddenly exudes vividness and the chromatic tandem brings serenity and elegance to the interiors. To convince you, here are a few pink and gray bedroom designs inspiring tranquility and coziness.

A traditional, classic bedroom, with gray on the walls which, combined with the white in the linen and accessories, radiate a state of profound calm. The muted pink in the drapes and the flowers in the lower left corner comes to bring some accent, breathing life into the whole picture.

Pink and gray in the bedroom

Pink and gray – classy, but full of accents

A room with a more sophisticated look, with pink in different hues here and there. A chic pink seat by the window becomes the focal point highlighted by all the natural light coming in. The wallpaper behind the bed bring a little drama to the room, contrasting the softer hues in the headboard.

Pink and gray in the bedroom

Pink and gray – different hues for a dynamic picture

A room wrapped in a feminine atmosphere, with the gray in different shades on the wall, lamp and the rug creating various chromatic layers. The pink panel bed creates a vibrant color splash, invigorating the room.

Pink and gray in the bedroom

Pink and gray – layers of colors

Let’s now look at the kids’ room. The back all catches all the eyes through a chromatic scheme alternating pink and gray in diagonal stripes. The two colors then fill separate spaces, side walls and the ceiling, in a final soothing harmony.

Pink and gray in the bedroom

Pink and gray – lights and color stripes

A teenager’s room, full of color and contrasts that look stylish and fun. The visual stress falls on the back wall again, with a vibrant pink that spreads then into accessories, in bold patterns that bring dynamism to the while image.

Pink and gray in the bedroom

Pink and gray – a room full of energy

Again a chromatically well set out bedroom, with two separate but balanced plans around the two predominant colors. Both of them come in different shades, exuding vitality, with the gray blurring the energy diffused by the exciting pink.

Pink and gray in the bedroom

Pink and gray – an avalanche of colors

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