One bedroom house plans – affordable houses

A one bedroom house can serve as the holiday home, but not only. This can also be the perfect home for a young couple, located at the beginning of the road or for a couple of people past the second youth, who want to retire to a quiet place. So, for any of the above situations, we have prepared three projects of accessible homes.

One bedroom house plans

The first house is a modern one with ground floor, with a built area of 135 square meters, of which the useful area is is 109 square meters. The house in pictures costs 20,000 euro, price to red or 47,000 euros, turnkey price. The house has a kitchen, a living + spacious dining room, a bedroom, 2 bathrooms, a shed and 2 terraces and is perfect for a couple.

One bedroom house plans

The second house has a cosntruita surface of 80 square meters and a useful area of 62 square meters. The red price for this house is 12,000 euros, while the key price is 28,000 euros. Front of the house, this apartment has one bedroom, plus an office, but if needed, this room can be transformed without any problem in a bedroom and thus, the House becomes suitable for a family with three or even four members. The two rooms add the kitchen, living room, bathroom and two terraces.

One bedroom house plans

The third and final project comes in simple lines, in an architecture in two waters, but with brick inserts on facades that give it a modern air. The house stretches on a useful area of 57 square meters and, despite the restricted space, comes with several subdivision suggestions, which include one or two bedrooms, in the first case with additional storage spaces. So the house can respond to the needs of a young family with a child. The price at semi-finished of this House varies between 14,322 and 17,160 euros.




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