How often you should wash bed sheets

It is said that we spend a quarter of our lives in bed, so it’s important that our bed is clean and tidy. Besides the healthy food, it is essential to pay special attention to all things that come into direct contact with our skin, and in this category is included the bed linen. Read on to find out how often you need to change your bed linen, how you clean it and what happens if you don’t follow these rules.

How often you should wash bed sheets

On average, the human body produces 1.5 million dead cells that end up in bed sloth and can become harmful to our health if we do not wash it often enough. These dead cells are also added to the sebum, perspiration, saliva or leftover food. All mentioned above are a source of food for mites, microorganisems that are found in the mattress and which multiply and can cause allergens, asthma, skin irritations or acne. Also, the dust in the house contains numerous allergens and it ends up on the bed linen. They cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they live in bed sloth.

How often you should wash bed sheets

Hygiene specialists recommend that you change bed linen weekly, and during the summertime, when you sweat more, it is recommended to change the bed linen even twice a week. Basically, if you don’t change bed linen regularly, you’ll sleep surrounded by millions of microscopic microbes. According to a study conducted in the UK, 33% of brits change bed linen once a week, while 35%, every two weeks. 8% of them wash their bed sheets every 3 weeks, and 10% of them once a month.
Bed linen must be washed at a temperature between 60 and 90 degrees Celsius, to kill the microbes. Subsequently, the linen must be ironed at the highest temperature of the iron, so that the sheets are sterilized. In addition, it is recommended to use cotton sheets, which are pleasant to the touch (does not harm the skin in any way).
As far as pillows are concerned, they should be replaced once every two years and the mattresses, every ten years.



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