New Uses For Old Things – 6 Brilliant Ideas

When need comes along, we end up discovering help in simple things, right next to us. The human imagination and creativity know no limits and, for this very reason, our life is now easier. So here are such new uses for old things for you to always have solutions within reach when the situation calls for them, ideas coming via

Use a clothespin as a nail stabilizer. Use it to hold a nail in place when you hang a picture. Clamp the nail in the clothespin and position it where you want the picture to hang. Steady the pin with your fingers while you tap the nail into the wall. This way you will hit the nail on the head and not your fingers, like you did it before.

If you uncorked a bottle of champagne a while ago, but didn’t finish it, you can restore bubbles to a ceremonial drink that has lost most of its fizz. Drop a raisin into the open bottle a few minutes before pouring and any last gasps of carbon dioxide that are left in the wine will stick to the raisin’s ridged surface, then release again as tiny bubbles.

You got yourselves a brand new pair of sneaker and want to make sure they keep that fresh look for as long as possible? Then turn to starch as a sneaker preserver that will keep the just-out-of-the-box look of sneakers. Repel dirt and grime by spraying a light coat of starch all over the interiors and exteriors of canvas or nylon sneakers before wearing them.

Since summer is on its way, use a colander as ice bucket. Make ice cubes last longer at your next cocktail party: Put them in a colander set into a bowl. As they melt, the water will drain through the holes instead of sitting and turning the ice to slush.

Use a bucket as a side table for those intimate moments spent in the garden. For more serving space (without begging and borrowing from the neighbors) top a bucket with a tray for an instant side table for your lawn chairs. Your guests will have more spots to rest their cocktails.

Finally, use citrus peels as bowls. Serve sorbet in a memorable way. After juicing (or eating) grapefruit, orange, lemon, or lime halves, scoop out and freeze the peels. Cut a small slice off the bottom to create a level surface (without creating a hole), then fill with ice cream. Guests will definitely be impressed by this ingenious way of being served.

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