Modern Offices – Gadgets And Accessories For A Fun Workplace

If you are passionate about drawings, photography or even architecture, if you like refined things and put heart and soul into a letter to your lover or those at home, here are some items without which office work would be arduous or words carefully chosen would gain consistency much harder. Relieve your daily professional activities by appealing to these office instruments and gadgets, both practical and funny items that make work more enjoyable in modern offices.

Printers now play a central role in the economy of a desk, even for those who work from home. For an efficient activity, turn confidently to printers with the CISS technology (Continuous Ink Supply System) to ensure continuous supply of ink to a special cartridge, never to be replaced. Printing with such a system is about 90 percent cheaper than if using a conventional inkjet printers with cartridges.

Because such printers with integrated CISS technology have external transparent tankers, you can easily monitor the ink volume, completing it before emptying. Such printers with CISS integrated technology have a starting price of about 665 lei (about 130 Euros) in Romania. Important to know, if you have a classic inkjet printer at home, you can easily attach this CISS system, which costs several hundred lei.

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Laser printers are equally effective, thanks to their low maintenance, quiet operation and offering quality prints. Unlike inkjet printers, the laser has a superior print speed, making it ideal for office activities. Their prices starts from about 340 lei (about 80 USD).

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This is one of the most awesome gadgets for people who find themselves writing a lot; especially in the context of writing during a meeting or presentation. You can not only record audio, but the pen will convert your writing to digital format so you can load it on a computer. Then, when you want to go to a certain point in your recorded conversation, you simply select one of the words from your notes and you’ll be linked up with that exact spot in your conversation.

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For all you neat-freaks out there, here’s a great way to place your myriad of device cables wherever you’d like them to rest. Use these simple to attach clips, anywhere the cable runs across, and the unaesthetic décor is out of question.

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This mobile desk is a bit more up your alley. It’s especially perfect for annoying coworkers who constantly have something on their monitor that they want everyone to see. Or you can use it to move across a room, especially if you work from home, following the natural light.

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