Modern Lighting Fixtures – Aesthetics and Efficiency

When, for various reasons, natural light hardly makes its way into your homes or offices, find solutions in modern lighting fixtures that are perfectly suited to any interior décor drawn in contemporary lines. Built-in, recessed, projected, suspended or wall-mounted, these luminaires are ideal options and energy-efficient solutions to emphasize tasteful interiors that keep the pace with the times.

We begin with built-in luminaires that combine the advantages of LED technology with net aesthetic aspects. If you opt for such lighting fixtures for an office, then the working environment will turn into a stimulating one, thanks to the benefits that come with these lighting systems: fresh design and sustainability, appealing and making no compromise in terms of visual comfort. In case of some of these systems, energy savings can go up to 40 percent.

corpuri de iluminat moderne modern lighting fixtures 3

If you choose pendant luminaires, then you should know that these are the ideal combination of light output and sustainable technology. Along with optimum light diffusion, these fixtures can also reduce energy consumption by 25-30 percent, ie saving the amount involved by four lamp change cycles. These options may be also be ideal for shop owners.
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Light beams are a complete luminaire range that reflects the market trend towards miniaturization and architectural integration, while delivering a significant advance in optical performance. Meanwhile, wall mounted fixtures significantly reduce energy costs by up to 55 percent compared with conventional lamps. Easy to install, such systems are a discreet presence and they can be used for different spaces such as corridors, stairwells, bathrooms, outdoor lighting etc.
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If you want a luminaire for a study or an office, then go for modern solutions which halve the power consumption. Free floor standing fixtures are rated as ideal for controlled lighting personal, flexible and comfortable. Thanks to using the latest LED technology, these solutions offer both enhanced fuel efficiency, and a simple and compact construction, which integrates harmoniously into any environment.
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Last but not least, the light spots are an option which is both effective and aesthetic. These luminaires create an effect of natural light and are a perfect choice for use in general lighting applications. They also provide instant energy savings and have a much higher life span, making a fine ecological solution, with real returns. They are easy to install due to their open size and push-in connectors.
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