Mobile Walls – Swedish Solutions To Tame Small Spaces

Space is the ultimate challenge we try to cope with by turning to a few tricks. But these, in many cases, just leave the impression of an extended living universe when, in fact, the physical dimensions remain the same. But the researchers of the Swedish company Ikea have come up with a concrete solution that allows a dweller of a small home, whether it is an apartment or house, to arrange the small space as it suits his or her liking. The mobile walls, the same experts point out, are the next big trend that will change the way we look at small homes and will give us much more flexibility in interior design.

Such walls allow an owner to alter the configuration of the home in just a matter of seconds. Thus, the living can morph into a bedrooms and the other way around, with the bunk bed integrated into the walls so you won’t have to move it around the place. Storage spaces are also built-in, as the video below clearly shows. Once packed, the two walls come together in one single structure, freeing the space for relaxing activities in a single and large living area.

Mobile walls

Mobile walls – interiors on the move

peretii mobili mobile walls 4

Mikael Ydholm, IKEA’s head of research, told the Wall Street Journal that the product won’t be available to buy for three more years. But the company has already spent two years testing the concept while renovating a 1980’s apartment in Sweden. One man who stayed at the apartment told the WSJ that the space “felt much bigger” than his own home, thanks to the movable walls and other innovations, like sliding power sockets.

Ydhold pointed out that people’s need of flexibility is big and it’s getting even bigger. The walls his team came up with slide along a rail on a fixed wall while their interiors can be adapted to different needs of the owners, whether storage spaces, a bunk-bed or even a small table that allows one to set up a small working area. We let the video attached below here to clearly explain the full potential of this Swedish invention.

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