How to Make Wood Floors Shiny Again and Looking Like New

A beautifully polished wood floor creates an inviting environment and adds to the warmth of your home. Wooden floors are very attractive and can be easily cleaned and taken care of as opposed to carpeting. However, nothing can prevent them from being exposed to the scourges of time, which eventually make it dull, scarred and water-damaged. If your hardwood floors are becoming lightly worn but you can’t afford an expensive refinishing project, read below how to make wood floors shiny again through alternative and cost-effective methods.

One of the easiest and most cost effective methods of wood floor restoration is screening and coating, which should be carried out annually. It revitalizes the finish and protects it against wear and tear brought about by regular traffic. The steps for the screening and re-coating are as follows.

How to make wood floors shiny again. Clean

Check for any signs of discoloration, paint, food stains, varnish, or other similar foreign matter. A mild soap and warm water solution should be used for removing these stains.

Use a light vinegar solution to mop the floor after thoroughly sweeping and vacuuming it. Leave it to dry out completely before proceeding further.

How to make wood floors shiny again. Screen

Make an abrasion on the top finishing layer by using a 120-grit screen or fine steel wool, and a rotary floor buffer or pole sander. This way, the re-coating can be applied and allowed to spread across the floor surface in an uniform spread. Once the screening is done, there should be an even and dull finish remaining on the surface.

Use a good hardwood vacuum to thoroughly remove any grit or dust produced by the screening process. Apply solvent using a clean rag to tack and form a smooth layer over the abraded surface.

How to make wood floors shiny again. Coat

Coat the floor with the same finish that was previously used on it. Make use of an appropriate brush when applying finish to the corners and edges. Use a foam pad applicator for coating the remainder of the surface.


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