The Magical Cottage Taken Straight From A Fairy Tale

Some people want a house with a floor and at least 3 bedrooms, others dream of a spacious apartment, while many thanks to a two-room apartment or even a studio. Well, besides the people listed above, there are a few who want a house like stories. More specifically, with a special look. So, in the ranks below, we present such a house that seems detached from fairy tales.
Today’s house, it lies at the foot of the Ashland Mountains in Oregon, USA. It has an interior that gives you the impression that you are in a tree surrounded by animals, and the floor seems a river. Heated and cooled using geothermal energy, this House is full of wood carvings. In addition, the area where the house was built can be seen even the top of Mount Shasta.

The works lasted for about 5 years, and the House has an area of 825 square meters and is surrounded by rivers. The house also benefits from a glass room, where there is a swimming pool. The entrance is marked by carved copper trees that frame a door with an impressive arch, made of Brazilian mahogany wood and carved with forms of fauna in the area. When the doors open, scrambling in an incredible foyer, designed to render the landscape near the river: The granite floors evoke a sandyy whites. The wooden stairs, with balustrades carved in the shapes of trees and birds, lead you upstairs, where there are two bedrooms. Both rooms and bathrooms offer spectacular views. As far as the cost is concerned, the house is estimated at about $8 million.



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