Lighting Ideas for Every Room. Elegant and Economical Solutions

A well chosen palette, beautifully matched shapes and textures are essential in interior design. But even if those are flawlessly chosen, your home won’t shine like it should without a proper lighting scheme. Here are some lighting ideas for every room to complete and refine their design.

First of all, you should choose quality light sources. LEDs are the economical and environmental friendly solution, providing a warm, white light that renders the colors in your design in a natural, pleasing way.

They last longer, consume up to 90% less than incandescent bulbs, are available in a great variety, also offering you the possibility to adjust their intensity. That makes them an excellent choice for the whole house.


Lighting ideas for every room. Hallway

In most homes, the hallway isn’t lit naturally, so choosing a right lighting scheme is very important to making the house feel welcoming from the doorway.

Choose an overhead fixture and complete it with task fixtures above your entry table, mirror etc. If your hallway design is rather vintage, a chandelier will look very nice and be effective in scattering light all around the room.

Lighting ideas for every room. Living

This is where you need a more complex lighting system, with the possibility to adjust the intensity of the different fixtures, because the living room hosts diverse activities, from family fun, to romantic dinners or dinner parties. A chandelier, maybe iron for a vintage style or crystal for a classic touch, will also make a lovely decor for this room. Floor fixtures are also an elegant choice for lighting the different key areas in the room.

Lighting ideas for every room. Kitchen

Various light sources are needed here also. Create a nice, cosy feeling during family meals with a warm light overhead fixture above the table. A long table or a bar are fashionably fitted with multiple long overhead fixtures set in line.

On the contrary, above your counter, where you prepare meals, cold light spots will be more more effective.

Lighting ideas for every room. Bedroom

This is your most intimate space in the house, so don’t spoil it with a strong light overhead fixture above the bed; it will be quite tiring and you need to set a calming mood for turning in. You will definitely need a bedside light you can comfortably switch off after indulging in some reading. To light up the room, sconces are very appropriate here, especially where you have a painting you like or shelves filled with artwork, jewels and memorabilia.

Lighting ideas for every room. Bathroom

There are special fixtures for the bathroom and the more humid environment here. Soft light fixtures should be placed above the tub or shower cabin or at eye level next to them, in order to enjoy a soothing light when you bathe or shower. The best way to light the mirror, where you will need very good light for shaving or applying make-up, is from above and both sides. The light should be orientated towards the face, in order to eliminate shades.


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