Latest Trends In Home Design

There is nothing we miss when it comes everything in fashion – clothes, gadgets, cars etc – keeping the pace, in a rhythm which of course varies from case to case, with effervescent times. When it comes to home design, too, things move in a dizzying manner, colors, patterns and accessories, all setting the tone for big changes indoors. Below are the latest trends in home design, as were enumerated by Andy Warren, the owner of a construction company, as quoted by

The first trend concerns textured walls – three-dimensional wall treatments are showing up everywhere from the living room to the bedroom. From geometric designs to rippling waves, the options are plenty and it all comes down to personal taste.

Then come polished nickel finishes. This silver-toned finish is now a popular choice in many homes credited to its versatility and ability to stand the test of time.

Raised pools make another trend, with raised decks not only offering additional poolside seating but also giving your pool a more contemporary, eye-popping look, whether made of natural stone pavers or poured concrete.

Latest trends in home design presented here

Latest trends in home design – a raised pool

Gray cabinets are now emerging as one of the industry’s most popular trends because of their versatile look and ability to bridge the line in a transitional space, giving spaces a classy, yet elegant feel.

Another trend manifesting is the universal design. As the population ages, home features are becoming more accommodating of individuals with differing height and mobility needs – a concept known as universal design. In the kitchen, universal design is expressed in counters with varying heights and double wall ovens that can be used from either a sitting or standing position. Wider hallways and single-story layouts are also examples of universal design.

Forget about granite or marble, it’s time for quartz countertops. Manufactured quartz is now the leading countertop material, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, surpassing the aforementioned materials, thanks to its durability, style and affordability.

Latest trends in home design presented here

Latest trends in home design – quartz countertops

Last, but not least, people want to have that unique spa experience in their homes. Therefore, home buyers are increasingly looking to recreate a spa-like atmosphere in their bathrooms with options like freestanding tubs, benches and rain showers.

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