Kitchen Tips That Make Cooking And Cleaning Easier

We’re back with a few small tips that will make both cleaning and cooking easier activities, especially since they involve products and items you always have within reach, but whose secrets you haven’t yet discovered. This time we will confine our research to kitchen items and discover new valences for them. So here are some new kitchen tips that will surely prove helpful when need be.

We all know that apples and pears, once cut, go brown unless consumed in time. So, if you want to keep them fresh and prevent apples and pears from browning, just squeeze a little lemon juice over them and the fruits will keep their natural color for longer.

For those of you ladies who are into cooking muffins, stop wasting money on buying wrappers. Just turn to a frilly tissue paper wrap that makes a birthday treat even sweeter. Cut a circle and gently gather it around the bottom of the cupcake, securing with a rubber band.

trucuri din bucatarie kitchen tips 3

You bought a small box of Tic Tac to freshen the breath and now it’s empty? Don’t hurry to throw it away because it may turn useful. For instance, pack small amounts of your favorite spice (like red pepper flakes) in old Tic Tac boxes, to season food on-the-go.

How many times haven’t your burned your fingers when trying to remove a lid on a boiling pot? For a heat protector, slip a cork or two under a lid’s handle and you’ll always have something safe to grab.

trucuri din bucatarie kitchen tips 2

We found this tip very interesting and funny alike. After you have enjoyed your sushi or your favorite Chinese dish, do not throw away the chopsticks. For mess-free tea, tie a bunch of bags to a chopstick and rest it across the pitcher’s rim (use 2 bags per cup of boiling water). Brew for about 4 minutes, then lift and discard the bags and the chopstick at the same time.

trucuri din bucatarie kitchen tips 1

Stains are always a nuisance, but solutions may be closer than you have ever imagined. In this case, remove coffee and tea stains from the insides of cups by rubbing with a salted citrus peel.

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