Jam Without Boiling. Easy Made and More Flavorful for Winter Desserts

If you want to preserve fruit with 100% of their vitamins for the cold season, you can do it adding sugar, but without boiling. This will make a more flavorful and easier to make jam you can then use in the months to come for all kinds of homemade desserts. Here is a recipe for raspberry jam without boiling, that you can adapt to other fruit you like. It applies particularly well to similar fruit, like blueberries, currants or blackberries, that are also delicious in traditional jams and confitures.


Unlike when making traditional jam, when the fruit – sugar proportion is pretty much 1:1, this time you have to double the quantity of sugar. This jam has to be kept in a refrigerator. This way, it will conserve its color and aroma and will be better than any confiture you’ve ever had.

From 1 kilo of raspberries and 2 kilos of sugar you’ll be able to make around 2 litres of jam.

Jam without boiling. Instructions

Wash the raspberry and drain it well using a sieve.

Put it in a large recipient, add the sugar and mix well.

Then pass this mixture through a grinder. You can also use a powerful blender to make a paste-like composition.

Mix it up with a spoon to get it even afterwards.

Pour this jam into mason jars, well cleaned and dry, close them with lids and keep them in the fridge. This way, you can preserve it for 5 – 6 months. Use this treat to make any dessert you would normally make with jam. It goes especially well with pancakes and yogurt.

Credits: lalena.ro

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