Isolated Contemporary Design Cabin Straddles Rocks On Norwegian Island

We keep admiring unconventional residential projects that succeed in drawing our attention thanks to their bold architecture, but also the natural environment where they are built, ending in a unitary package which speaks of vision and the courage to be different. Today we are taking a look at a cabin built by a Norwegian architect, Lund Hagem, on a rocky island off the splendid fjords. Since the terrain is rugged and rocky, the cabin is easily accessible by boat rather than by land.

To better understand the position of this house, here a plan attached along some other pictures below. The house spreads on 75 square meters and lies only 5 meters away from the water’s edge, anchored into the two boulders via thin galvanized steel stilts that help level its unusual position, according to The house is divided in two sectors, a living and social area and a second one for bedrooms and bathrooms. The inland structure, where the bedrooms and bathrooms are located is clad in pine while the social volume is wrapped in glazings.

Contemporary design

Contemporary design – sea waves crash against the rocks under the living

design contemporan contemporary design 3 design contemporan contemporary design 4

The wing which rests on the rocks feature the bedrooms which are faced with wood slats for privacy. There are three bedrooms in the inland volume while the master bedroom is attached to the social volume, although at the back of it like the tail of letter T. The bathroom, positioned at the inland end of the private volume, is completely clad in concrete. Minimalist brass fixtures contrast with the concrete.

A wood walkway travels along the outside of the bathroom and bedrooms before widening into a outdoor terrace between the two volumes and then narrowing again as it travels along the outside of the master bedroom and the social zone. A slatted triangular frame is fixed to the gable of the glazed volume and then bolted to the rock below. This sculptural element helps protect the volume from the wind while at the same time providing shade from the sun.

Contemporary design

Contemporary design – concrete, wood and glass

design contemporan contemporary design 6 design contemporan contemporary design 8

Contemporary design

Contemporary design – the topography of the place where the house lies

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