8 Ingenious Uses For Cornstarch

If you think that cornstarch can only be used to get those crisp shirts in the traditional style, then you are so wrong. Time to see that the banal powder you keep in the back of your pantry is really helpful in so many situations you run into every day. So here are some ingenious uses for cornstarch, as seen on Popsugar.com, so you can enjoy a quicker, shorter and, why not, cheaper weekend cleaning.

Cornstarch is a natural abrasive and also superfine, so rely on it anytime this quality is required. For instance, adding a tablespoon to the bottle of your favorite window cleaner makes cleaning easier and leaves windows streak-free.

If you dropped some grease on the carpet, pour cornstarch over grease stains and let set for 20 minutes. The superfine cornstarch absorbs the grease while cleaning the carpet. Vacuum away for a final fresh carpet.

Did you fall asleep on the beach and the skin is burning like hell? Make a paste of cornstarch and water and smooth over a sunburn. While it dries, it soothes sore skin. This also works for bug bites and beestings. In the same context, sooth babies’ diaper irritations by giving them a wash in a bath with added cornstarch. The superfine soother calms irritation and helps heal skin.

Those smelly shoes are an embarrassment for anyone, especially men. Since the cornstarch is known for its super-absorbent power, sprinkle it in smelly shoes and let set overnight. Shake out shoes before wearing them the following day.

Speaking of smells, get rid of the musty smells in old books with a sprinkle of cornstarch. Let it work for a while and then shake the powder off for a final fresher smell in your library.

Use the cornstarch as a natural deodorant, as well. Wipe underarms with rubbing alcohol, then dust with cornstarch. The rubbing alcohol gets rid of smells, and the cornstarch helps keep your underarms dry by absorbing moisture.

Fix those irritating floor squeaks by sprinkling a bit of cornstarch over squeaky floors then sweep. The cornstarch works itself into nooks and cracks, stopping the exasperating noise.

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