Industrial Chic Style – Rigorous Elegance

Matte metal finishes, dark colors, lighting fixtures with exposed filament bulbs, reclaimed wood furniture, metallic accessories which remind us of a manufacturing hall – all these shape the elements of a trending style, industrial chic. Compared to the classic industrial style, industrial chic interior doesn’t require steel columns, exposed beams or brick to work and, consequently, any space can take on the industrial chic look with the right combination of lighting, furniture, and home décor, according to Huffington Post.

For instance, give your room an industrial chic touch using lamps, sconces and chandeliers and other utilitarian looking lighting fixtures. For instance, use exposed filament bulbs, whether classic lamps or pendant lights to create a focal point and induce that workshop like atmosphere.

Industrial chic style at home

Industrial chic style – pendant lights and wall decor

stilul industrial chic industrial chic style 2

As concerns the furniture, this plays a central role in creating this home décor, with its simple, but rigid lines conveying some of this style rigor. Pieces such as reclaimed wood furniture or those with matte metal finishes are perfect for the industrial chic style. A bookcase with salvaged wood shelves or a metal coffee table with rivets are great places to start. It is important though to remember not to cram too much industrial looking elements, but rather seek to offset their presence using soft looking accessories, such as pillows and throws in natural hues, creating a cozy atmosphere.

In the image below, accessories, such as the pillows with those metallic stripes on them, the metal base lamps or those painted in strident colors, the wood and metal coffee table on castors reminding us an industrial cart, blend harmoniously, each bringing an austere tone into this final elegant décor. Speaking of accessories, use iron cogged-wheels, metal vases in dark hues or reclaimed wood framed wall mirrors.

Industrial chic style at home

Industrial chic style – a balanced design

Industrial chic style at home

Industrial chic style – unitary chromatic display

Below are several images describing various industrial chic decors, all sharing those somber shades, yet captivating and enigmatic at the same time.

Industrial chic style at home

Industrial chic style – rigorous, yet intriguing

stilul industrial chic industrial chic style 5 stilul industrial chic industrial chic style 6

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