Six Indoor Plants That Bring Energy Into Any Decor

No matter how sophisticated the interior design is, a home with no flowers in it is an incomplete picture. Flowers transpose nature outside into the interior and sooth and calm the eye at the end of a hard working day. Whether we speak about houses or apartments, the best flowering indoor plants can sit on your window sill anytime.

Parma violets are delicate flowers and also very popular because they bloom all year round if little care and attention are given to them. They only need to be watered two times a week and can start new plants by planting offshoots. They make a perfect present to someone, symbolizing gratitude and admiration alike.

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Count on a petunia in a lovely pot, an herbaceous decorative plant with a long stem and big flowers, differently colored and highly fragranced, with a funnel like corolla. The flower requires little care, goes well with almost any type of soil and make fine natural borders if planted outside. Inside, hang them in suspended planters for splendid effects.

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The red begonia is a flower which symbolizes care for the loved one. It is one of the most popular flowers thanks to its spectacular look which makes a fine addition to any interiors.

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There’s no way we can complete this list without adding roses on it, flowers that impart elegance and refinement to any room. Go for the white miniature rose which is a naturally hardy flower all across the year, a perennial plant easy to care and almost all the time in blossom.

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Hibiscus, originating from Europe, has spread across the Mediterranean basin. It forms huge blooms, up to 8 inches in diameter, on a shrubby upright plant that you can train to grow as a tree. Individual blossoms last only a day or two, but plants bloom freely from late spring through fall and occasionally through winter, if given enough light and water.

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Orchids are the largest group of plants in the world, with some 25,000 known species and tens of thousands more hybrids. An orchid shows dazzling variety of refined flowers in all colors and shapes. Some are breathtaking, some are strange, and some border on downright ugly. Flowers last from one week to four months, depending on the species.

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