How to Increase Greenhouse Production. A Cost Free Trick That Pays Off

Growing vegetables and flowers in a greenhouse or solarium has multiple benefits, such as an increased and more certain production and a more efficient use of the land. But it also involves an investment and in order to get your money’s worth out of it faster, you have to maximize production, and for that there are some things you can do. So here’s how to increase greenhouse production with a neat trick that will cost you close to zero, but really pays off. 

A problem that is often encountered in greenhouses is insufficient carbon dioxide, which is essential in the photosynthesis process and in plant development process. So increasing carbon dioxide concentration in the greenhouse means increasing production.

How to increase greenhouse production. A solution

The best solution to increase carbon dioxide concentration in the greenhouse is building a compost box in the middle of your greenhouse as you plant the seedlings.

You can make compost using all kinds of organic debris that are produced in your home: food debris, grass, manure etc. Tey will decompose producing heat and carbon dioxide.

A few tips

Here are a few rules to observe when applying this solution, so that it brings the best results you can get.

  • Always add new material to the compost box so that you have a constant decomposing process.
  • Mix the content of your compost box thoroughly once a week, in order for it to continue to produce carbon dioxide.
  • Open the doors to your greenhouse and let fresh air go in before you go to do gardening work. Aged people or those with health problems can feel dizzy because of the higher carbon dioxide concentration in the air. But the CO2 poses no health risks.

This method of increasing productivity also has the great advantage that at the end of the season you’ll have some excellent organic fertilizer for your next cultures.


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